The Story of LRAP

The inspiration for the creation of LRAP was a program at Yale Law School, a first of its kind loan program begun in the late 1980s. Yale’s administrators, including LRAP Advisory Board Chairman Stephen Yandle – one of the Yale program designers –  realized the price-tag of attendance was causing many prospective students to worry about loan repayment, and its future impact on their career options and lifestyle potential. They created a program that would provide post-graduate financial security to students interested in using their degrees in public service and other lower paying positions.

After graduating from Yale and benefiting from their loan forgiveness program, Peter Samuelson (President of LRAP Association) realized the potential that this program had to help students and families across the country. Peter established LRAP Association in 2008, bringing Yandle and other industry experts on to the LRAP Advisory Board, to help shape the future of an organization that would forever change the way that students, families, and institutional leaders would think about the affordability of higher education.

LRAP Association collaborates with colleges and universities across the United States to help students with the burden of student loans. We provide a unique and effective solution for reducing the anxiety and burden of debt-repayment, empowering students to enroll and graduate from their first-choice educational institution. LRAP is a tool that provides a “safety-net” for students and their families. If a student’s post-graduate income is low, LRAP helps students repay their educational loans.

Our Mission

The mission of LRAP Association is to help students by increasing access to the life-changing impact of higher education, and to enable our team, our clients, and our students to achieve their full potential.