Financial Education Resources – provided by Salt

LRAP helps prepare you for a successful financial future

At LRAP Association, we’re committed to helping students and families plan for, pay for, and repay the cost of a college degree – all while preparing you for a successful financial future.

Now, when you are awarded LRAP, you get the added benefits of built-in financial support and educational resources through Salt©, a program of the nonprofit, American Student Assistance©.

LRAP’s financial education resources include:

  • Money management advice
  • Simple budgeting tools
  • Ways to find free scholarship money
  • Internship and job search tools and resources
  • Personalized student loan help


Students are able to activate their free Salt account at the point of being awarded LRAP.

With the LRAP-Salt partnership, students and families now have a combination of money management resources, straightforward budgeting tools, and the loan repayment assistance to help achieve their greatest ambitions, both on campus and after graduation.

If you have any questions about LRAP’s Salt resources, please feel free to contact us.