“The program gives minorities like me an opportunity to have an education without the stress of having to repay loans right away.”

Nathaly, LRAP Student

“As I attend college, I do not have to worry and stress about financials because of LRAP.”

John L, LRAP Student

“[The cost of college] almost deterred me from attending a university, but when I received an email about LRAP and its generous offer, it made me more confident about my decision to attend college.”

Kaiser, LRAP Student

“My advice to a student getting ready to go to college, don’t compromise…You can pursue the education you want today, and LRAP is there to assist you in the long run.”

Daniel, LRAP Graduate

“I love my Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) because I can pursue my dreams at [my college] without the stress of finances.”

Addison, LRAP Student

“Overall, knowing I will have help from LRAP in a tough situation gives me the confidence to focus on what I need to in the present, so I can grow and succeed in the future.”

Jake, LRAP Student

“(LRAP) had a major impact on my decision to continue my education and my ability to do so without having to constantly stress about finances.”

Jenica, LRAP Student

“After LRAP was offered to me, I had nothing holding me back from attending the college I really wanted to [attend].”

Jacquelyn, LRAP Graduate

More Colleges are Promising to Help Pay the Student Loans of Low-Earning Graduates

“LRAP gave me the confidence to pursue my dream job. It helped ease my stress and anxiety about being able to pay off my student debt.”

Caitlin, LRAP Student

“I love my LRAP because it has provided me with a chance to pursue my academic dreams.”

Kennedy, LRAP Student

“LRAP has given me the opportunity to pursue my life fully alive; it’s given me the chance to change the world.”

Timothy, LRAP Student

“With LRAP, I will be the first in my family to receive a bachelor’s degree from my dream school in a field I am passionate about.”

Gabriela, LRAP Student

“LRAP gives me the stability to become who I want to be.”

Taylor, LRAP Student

Worried About College Loans? Look For A Loan Repayment Assistance Program

“Without LRAP, I wouldn’t be able to attend college and achieve my dreams.”

Christina, LRAP Student

“LRAP has helped me truly put my financial anxieties to rest for the time being as well as give me the wiggle room to focus on what’s most important to me as a student: my education and my future career.”

John, LRAP Student